Useful Mastodon hashtags

This is a list of generally useful hashtags for helping navigate through various Mastodon instances.

I’ve pretty much gotten out of the habit of using hashtags on other social media sites, and I keep forgetting how to use them. This list is partly to help me remember what to add to my toots, and partly a call for help from other Mastodon users.

Do you use hashtags? Which have been the most “successful” for you? (Success = either finding posts on topics you’re interested in, users you end up following, conversations you’ve had with the community, etc.) I’m especially interested in finding hashtags for things that create community space/discussions/clubs.

General Use

#introductions – new people, or people re-introducing themselves. Good to find new followers.
#FollowFriday / #FF – highlighting recommended people for others to check out.


#SFFBookClub – what it says on the tin.
#WeAreNameless – monthly community project on Fedi where Hackers & their friends watch old sci-fi cyberpunk movies. Info, more info.

Libraries, Books, etc.

#amreading – for current or recent reads.
#books – the most generic hashtag, good for a catch-all.
#SFFBookClub – what it says on the tin.
#sff / #mystery / genres in general – good to find fan of specific book types (sff is particularly popular).
#shelfie – photos of bookshelves.


#florespondence – pictures of flowers and plants.
#FemmeFriday / #MascMonday / #Wenbiesday – queer community’s selfies.
#OurStreets – street art, direct action spotted in public (very anarchist-y).
#shelfie – photos of bookshelves.

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