The Sith Academy at MIT

I was startled to hear from Siubhan that my ambition has finally been realized, and some lunatic at Williams has put “The Thirteenth Mary Sue” on a syllabus. Henry “Textual Poachers” Jenkins himself is assigning the Sith Academy to students at MIT. I can see what pulls them in: in addition to all of its other features, the Sith Academy is wrapped in so many layers of metatextuality it could make your head spin. And for those interested in the fanfiction phenomenon, the Sith Academy–thanks in large part to Siubhan’s herculean efforts as an editor–assembles in one place a huge body of work which, as obscene and blasphemous as it may be, is consistently well-written and funny as hell.

Source: Meet Me At The Grey Side: A Critical Afterword by Plaid Adder (June 23, 2001).

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