The alternative I’ve been waiting for

For me it’s the alternative I’ve been waiting for. I’ve known for a long time that LJ and fandom would part ways sooner or later. I had assumed that after Usenet and mailing lists and bulletin boards and blogs, LJ would be replaced by an entirely different interface, and on some level, I think the Archive of Our Own will become a central fannish interface, hopefully replacing/supplementing much fic posting on journals and some of the delicious tagging. But I still want a place to chat with my friends and be fannish beyond reading the stories.

That’s where I think DW will be a better place with all the advantages of LJ but fewer of the disadvantages. Check out the Diversity Statement to get a sense that this is a different group of people than what we’re dealing with on LJ these days. Moreover, one of the co-founders is a fan, so that I know my fannish concerns are acknowledged, but it’s a commercial entity, so that I know the project will be handled professionally. It’s forked of the LJ code, thus allowing me to have all the things I love about LJ (and loathe about blogs), yet it’s developed by people who’ve lived deep within the bowels of LJ for long enough to know where its faults lie.

Source: dreamwidth and me by cathexys (March 30, 2009).

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