Rec: Lie Back And Think Of Dinner by jessthereckless

Lie Back And Think Of Dinner by jessthereckless [2019-06-08]
— Good Omens: Aziraphale/Crowley, 11k, Mature, no warnings.
— “Crowley, this is a disaster. This is everything I ever wanted. We’re in love. And there’s a picnic. And we don’t seem to be able to get…amorous without causing earthquakes.”

Aziraphale attempts subterfuge. Crowley sees right through him.

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The first GO fic I read since watching the new Amazon miniseries and it’s totally re-inflamed my love for this fandom (having previously read and loved the minuscule amounts of fic available in the early 2000s). Very cute, very sexy, great character moments and I love the weird occult/ethereal power shenanigans angle.

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Rec: Literacy by thehoyden

Literacy by thehoyden [2010-01-05]
— Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Julian Bashir/Elim Garak, 5.5k, Mature, no warnings.
— “You want me to read to you?” Julian repeated, somewhat taken aback.

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A sweet little fic about semi-accidental seduction by literature. One of the nicest things about most Bashir/Garak fics I’ve read is they get really invested in the cultural differences between the two characters, and a lot of the relationship development is through the navigation thereof. This one does the same, through the lens of popular fiction/courtship! And linguistics jokes!

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