some mastodon impressions

After 1 week or so of using Mastodon:

♥ Mastodon is like mIRC chat rooms + early Twitter + Tumblr shitposting. Which chat room you’re in determines your local community, but you can see the other chat rooms and engage with them as well.

♥ Which instance you make your “home” on really does inform your experience of the platform. Double-check the instance’s rules, look at some recent toots from its users, etc. to make sure it’s somewhere you want to be. My home instance ( is small and cozy and full of nice people who don’t just toot memes all day. If I had joined a larger instance, or one that had the wrong style/feel, I’d have given up on Mastodon a lot faster.

♥ Mastodon is not immune to the icky side of the internet. I’ve run into several toots on the Federated timeline that make my skin crawl; several instances themselves are set up to cater to purity wank/troll culture users; people have been harassed off an instance before. Mob mentality is alive and well, unfortunately.

♥ It is a LITTLE easier to manage which toots/instances show up on my timelines. I have blocked several users and at least two entire instances from showing up. Yay!

♥ Searching for specific topics is difficult because it’s dependent on hashtags, which people have gotten out of the habit of using when Twitter/Tumblr switched to including in-text searching. I keep forgetting to tag my OWN stuff as well.

♥ One of my instance friends suggested this site for finding people who toot about specific topics:

♥ Smaller user base = less activity overall = less to read and engage in. Tumblr/Instagram/Twitter have gotten me used to constantly refreshing and finding new activity, which then kept me wanting to refresh and find MORE, and continue the cycle, etc. It’s deliberately designed to keep me on the app longer. Mastodon timelines are strictly chronological, so if nobody’s tooting since the last time I checked, then nothing’s there to see. This was seriously frustrating to me until I realized that it could actually be a GOOD thing– no more obsessively refreshing my feed means more time for other things, like reading fanfic/playing games/etc.

♥ The shitposting makes me feel about 3 million years old. I understand the appeal, but it doesn’t entertain me.

♥ There’s a “content warning” thing you can stick over toots, which is great! Some people use it for jokes, some use it seriously, and others use it as a kind of cut tag on longer toots. It’s a unique element to the system that I like.

♥ “Toots” make me think of farts.

♥ The lack of advertising is SO NICE. Once ads show up on a thing, the feeling completely changes. Twitter before ads was better. LiveJournal before ads was better. Instagram was better before they started putting ads everywhere. I like not having ads in my face all the time. At the same time, I understand that ads bring in money which can be necessary to keep a site/instance going, particularly if the userbase is low on funds or the site isn’t willing to do fundraisers. Still, I appreciate not being sold to every five seconds.

♥ After using Mastodon for a week, I feel less inclined to use Twitter. Partly because of the ads, partly because I can only focus on so many social media sites at a time.

♥ I would love it if more of my Dreamwidth friends gave Mastodon a try, if only so I’ll have more people to talk to. 😉 is closed to new users for the moment, as the membership has skyrocketed and the admin needs time to adjust, but I have an invite link you can use if you’d like to try that instance out:

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