Netflix Queue (January 2019)

Netflix is where I do most of my binge watching. Here’s what’s on my queue as of January 2019. As I watch them (or give up on watching them), I’ll cross it off the list and add a link to my impressions/review/reactions. For TV shows with multiple seasons, I’ll count it as a “win” if I watch at least one season completely.

m = movie / t = tv show

1. Bahubali (m)
2. Bright (m) watched 20 min, gave up.
3. Castlevania (t)
4. Cherry Pop (t)
5. Children of the Whales (t)
6. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (t) watched 1 episode, gave up.
7. The Christmas Chronicles (m)
8. Deidre & Laney Rob a Train (t)
9. Derry Girls (t)
10. Devilman Crybaby (t)
11. The Dragon Prince (t) — watched 1 episode, will probably watch more.
12. Kim’s Convenience (t)
13. The Magicians (t) — watched 20 min in 1 episode. idk.
14. Mystic Whispers (t)
15. Salt Fat Acid Heat (t) finished 1/5/19
16. Set It Up (m) watched 1/5/19
17. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (t) — watched 4 episodes, will continue.
18. Song of the Sea (m)
19. Voltron Legendary Defender (t)
20. Watership Down (t) — watched 2 episodes, gave up.

I already went through and removed things that I knew I wouldn’t watch in January and/or had been on the list for more than six months. Everything on this one should be relatively recent additions.

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