Netflix Queue (February 2019)

Netflix is where I do most of my streaming, tbh. Here’s what’s on my queue as of February 2019. As I watch through it (or give up on watching something), I’ll cross it off the list and add a link to my impressions/review/reactions.

Previously: January

m = movie / t = tv show

1. Bahubali (m)
2. Castlevania (t)
3. Cherry Pop (t)
4. Children of the Whales (t)
5. The Christmas Chronicles (m)
6. Deidre & Laney Rob a Train (t)
7. Derry Girls (t)
8. Devilman Crybaby (t)
9. The Dragon Prince (t) (currently: 1/18 done)
10. Kim’s Convenience (t)
11. The Magicians (t) (currently: 20 min into ep 1)
12. Mystic Whispers (t)
13. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (t) (currently: 4/13 done)
14. Song of the Sea (m)
15. Agatha and the Truth of Murder (m)
16. Incredibles 2 (m) watched 2/3
17. Russian Doll (t) (currently: 10 min into ep 1; it keeps freezing! Why.)
18. Lionheart (m)
19. Agatha and the Truth of Murder (m)
20. Always a Witch (t)
21. The Witch Files (m)
22. Personal Shopper (m)

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