Metaphysical/Pagan Podcast Directory

I really like podcasts! And organizing things! And a few months ago I realized how often podcasts just disappear off the face of the internet, often with no notation even of their existence. So I decided to put together a list of every metaphysical/pagan podcast I could find, both ones that are still going and ones that have died.

I have a very loose definition of “metaphysical” for the purposes of archiving. Originally, this list was just for pagan/witchcraft podcasts, and then I realized how much crossover there is between different metaphysical/occult branches. Generally, I try to keep to the following topics: Pagan, occult, New Age, mythology, spiritualism, paranormal (if mentions of magick), hoodoo, voodoo, magickal living, shamanism, witchcraft, energy work, fortune-telling/tarot, crystals, psychics, general spirituality-based woo-woo.

Not included: alien woo-woo, straight up homeopathy, ghosts/paranormal with no mentions of magick, self-help with no mentions of spirituality or magick, inspirational with no spiritual or magickal elements. Admittedly, some of this is biased, but I tried to keep to the side of things that is magic(k)al/pagan/spiritual based.

I do have most of these shows downloaded and saved to my “pagan podcast archive.”

* = I don’t have any of the episodes and would adore some sent over for my archive.
[notes in brackets] = I need information! If you know the answer, send it over!

Questions? Comments? Email me.

Last updated: January 8, 2019.

Download the PDF version.

2 Witches at The Monastery. 2012-2015. Hosted by Jacqueline DuBois and [J?].

3 Pagans and a Cat. 2017-2018. Hosted by Cara Na Dagda, Gwyn, and Ode.

9sense. 2011-2016. Hosted by [Reverend Campbell?].

11:11 Talk Radio. 2009[?]-2018. Hosted by Simran Singh.

31 Pagan Place. 2018-2018. Hosted by Tasha, Lisa, Heather and Morgan.

Across the Hedge. 2016-2017. Hosted by Shawna Jones.

Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio. [Date]-2018. Hosted by Miguel Conner.

*American Witch. 2009. Hosted by [?].

The Ancient Wisdom Salvage Yard. 2016-2017. Hosted by Aaron du Nightgaunt.

*Another Pagan Podcast. 2011-2014. Hosted by Dawn, Scott, Tereesa and Bill. No longer online. Ref:

Antifragile Tarot Podcast. 2017-2018. Hosted by Susannah.

The Archetypal Tarot Podcast. 2011-2018. Hosted by Cyndera Quakenbush and Julienne Givot.

*Ariel’s Druidic Craft of the Wise. 2007-2013. Hosted by Ariel Gatoga. No longer online.

Ascending Way. 2008-2010. Hosted by Al Anderson.

Ask Dr. Dream. 2018[?] Hosted by Kelly Sullivan Walden.

Astrological Detective. 2016. Hosted by Andrea L. Gehrz.

Astrologically Speaking. 2009-2012. Hosted by Nick Symington.

Astrology Bytes. 2017-2018. Hosted by Theresa Reed.

Attune Magazine Radio. 2013-2015. Hosted by [Various People].

*Audacious Eleven. [?]-2016. Hosted by Donna Juzva, Mary McGinley, Robin Renée, Wendy Sheridan. No longer online[?]. Ref:

AudioGrimoire. 2009. Hosted by [?].

Baphmetis Meditation. 2011-2012. Hosted by Christopher Orapello.

*Between the Earth and Stars (aka Media Astra Ac Terra). 2009[?]-2014. Hosted by Oraia Helene. No longer online. Ref:

Betwixt & Between. 2014-2018. Hosted by [Anonymous].

Bewitching Your Day. 2016. Hosted by Amie Ravenson.

Biddy Tarot Podcast. 2016-2018. Hosted by Brigit Esselmont.

*Bo on the Go. 2009. Hosted by Bo. No longer online. Ref:

Branch & Bone Medicine Show. 2018-2018. Hosted by Lola Venado.

Brid’s Closet. 2008-2010. Hosted by Bernadette Montana/Duchess.

Bridging Realities: An Accessible Astrology Podcast. 2016-2018. Hosted by Eugenia Krok.

Broomsticks in the Bayou. 2018-2018. Hosted by Aaron Oberon.

Camp Lovewave. 2002-2017. Hosted by Terran and Bari Lovewave. $Warning: Anti-semitic:

Casual Witchcraft. 2018. Hosted by Sarah Smith.

Celtic Myth Podshow. 2008-2018. Hosted by Gary and Ruth.

Chasing Hermes. 2009-2010. Hosted by Sean and Jason.

Circle Craft Podcast. 2012-2015. Hosted by Selena Fox.

Circle of Salt. 2017-2018. Hosted by Felix Warren and Rune Emerson.

*The College Witch. [Dates?] Hosted by Dan[?]. No longer online. Ref: / (Promo)

Corvinnia Speaks aka Ravenswell Podcast. 2009. Hosted by Corvinnia. No longer online. Ref:

*Cosmophilia (aka Pagan in Portland). 2011-2013. Hosted by Jaysen “JP” Hawthorne. No longer online. Ref:

Crooked Path Pagan Podcast. 2013-2014[?]. Hosted by Peter Paddon. No longer online except for a selection of videos:

The Crystal Silence League Hour. 2017-2018. Hosted by Reverend Jon Saint Germain. Part of the MISC on LMC Radio Network.

The CUUPS Podcast. 2010-2016. Hosted by the Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans.

*A Darker Shade of Pagan. 2007[?]-? Hosted by Jason Thomas Pitzl. Original website no longer online, find some entries here:

*The Dark Side of Fey. 2008-2009. Hosted by Fey. No longer online. Ref:

Dark Sun Rising. 2012-2018. Hosted by Erick Bee and Vicki Valencourt.

*Dark Witch Wisdom. [Dates?] Hosted by ? No longer online. Ref: /

The Daydreaming Wolves Podcast. 2016-2018. Hosted by Yarrow Magdalena.

*Dead Astrologers Society. 2013. Hosted by Donna Woodwell. No longer online. Ref:

Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole. 2011-2018. Hosted by Andrieh Vitimus and Jason Colwell.

*Deo’s Shadow. [at least 2005-][?] Hosted by Deo and Mandy. No longer online. Ref:

Desperate House Witches. 2012-2018. Hosted by Raina Starr and Dorian Wallace. /

*Divine Community. 2011-2013. Hosted by Sophia Catherine and Amadore Edana. No longer online. Ref:

*Donna Philosophica. [Dates?] Hosted by Donna Woodwell. No longer online[?]. Ref:

Down at the Crossroads. 2009-2018. Hosted by Chris Orapello and Tara Maguire.

Down the Forest Path. 2017-2018. Hosted by Joanna van der Hoeven.

Dream Freedom Beauty. 2016-2018. Hosted by Natalie Ross.

Druidcast. 2007-2018. Hosted by Damh the Bard/The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids.

Earth & Magick Pagan Podcast. 2009. Hosted by Meical abAwen.

Easy Astrology Lessons by Dusty White. 2012.

Eat My Pagan Ass. 2006-2012. Hosted by Luckylicious and Carmen Kickass.

Elemental Castings. 2008-2015. Hosted by T. Thorn Coyle.

Erika and Mary Podcast. 2016. Hosted by Mary D’Alba and Erika.

Esoterica. 2018. Hosted by Q and Sarah.

Esoterically. 2016. Hosted by Karagan Griffith.

Fair Folk Podcast. 2016-2018. Hosted by Danica Boyce.

The Fat Feminist Witch. 2015-2018. Hosted by Paige Vanderbeck.

Fireside Chat with MamaD. 2016-2017. Hosted by MamaD Angel.

*The Forest at Night. 2007-2008. Hosted by Eric Raddeman. No longer online. Ref:

Forest Spirituality. 2016-2018. Hosted by Julie Brett.

Fortune’s Wheelhouse. 2017-2018. Hosted by Susie Chang and Mel Meleen.

*Foxtayle’s Proud Pagan Podcast. [Dates?] Hosted by ? . No longer online. Ref: /

*From the Edge of the Circle. 2007-2013. Hosted by [?]. No longer online. Ref: /

The Garden of Ink and Bone. 2018. Hosted by Rue and Belle.

*The GeekWitch Podcast. [Dates?] Hosted by Tahlea Moonwater/Terri. No longer online. Ref:

*Get Out of the Broom Closet. [Dates?] Hosted by Drake Atlas. No longer available. Ref:

Get Witchified Podcast / Get Witchified Radio Show. 2008-2012. Hosted by Luna and Oseaana. Early shows no longer online; first five episodes of rebooted show found here: /

Gifts of the Wyrd. 2016-2018. Hosted by Jan and Laine.

Gnostic Tarot Cards. 2013. Hosted by Timothy Reeder-Wright.

Goddess Alive Radio. 2013-2018. Hosted by Kimberly Moore. Previously part of Seeking Bliss Radio.

Goddess Radio. 2013-2015. Hosted by Rhonda Harris-Choudhry.

The Green Magick Podcast. 2016[?]. Hosted by Corvus/Spencer DiSparti.

Grit & Grace. 2016-2017. Hosted by Carolyn Elliott and Taia Kepher.

Hearth to Hearth. 2017. Hosted by the Alaska Pagan Community Center.

*Heathen Talk. 2015-2016. Hosted by ?. No longer online. Ref:

Heavy Metal Psychic. 2014-2018. Hosted by Melissa Bruce.

HedgeFolk Tales. [Dates?] Hosted by Sarah Anne Lawless.

The Hermit’s Lamp. 2011-2018. Hosted by Andrew McGregor.

Hex Rated. 2015-2018. Hosted by Scarlet, Jaye, and Blackbird.

*The Hermes and Hekate Road Show. 2013-2014. Hosted by ?.

Hidden Light. 2018. Hosted by Karagan Griffith.

Highest Self. 2017-2018. Hosted by Sahara Rose.

HiPPiE WiTCH. 2013-2018. Hosted by Joanna Devoe.

Inciting a Brew-ha-ha. 2010-2018. Hosted by Fire Lyte and Velma Nightshade.

Inciting a Riot. 2009-2018. Hosted by Fire Lyte.

The Infinite and the Beyond [renamed Down at the Crossroads starting at #33]. 2009-2013. Hosted by Christopher Orapello.

The Intentional Spirit… Seeing and Believing. [?]-2018. Hosted by Rev. Temple Hayes.

*iPod Witch. 2008-2017. Hosted by Brook. Episodes no longer online.

*Iron Powaqa Radio. [Dates?] Hosted by Gillian Chayse. No longer online. Ref:

The Jen Mavros Show. -2018. Hosted by Jen Mavros.

KHPR: The Voice of Darkness. 2009-2016. Hosted by Magister Adams.

A Lakefront Pagan Voice. 2009-2018. Hosted by Scarlet.

The Lamplighter Blues. 2012-2015[?]. Hosted by Dr. Hob and Silver Shadow. or

Lamyka’s [Wiccan] Podcast. 2005[?]-2016. Hosted by Lamyka. No longer online. Ref:

Lavender Hill. 2011-2018. Hosted by Phil and Corwin. Part of the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel for a while (, now separate.

Leo Rising. 2018. Hosted by Jenna Fox.

Let’s Just Be Wizards. 2016-2018. Hosted by [Lovely People I’m Sure].

*Little Kitchen Witch Podcast. [Dates?] Hosted by ?. No longer online. Ref: /

Living Thelema. 2010-2018. Hosted by Dr. David Shoemaker.

Lucky Mojo Hoodoo Rootwork Hour. 2004-2018. Hosted by catherine yronwode and Conjureman Ali.

*The Magical Earth. 2008-2010. Hosted by Susan, Jacinthe, Cliff, Alex Stornel. No longer online. Ref:

Magick and Mediums. 2017-2018. Hosted by Anielle Reid.

*Magick and Mundane. 2011. Hosted by VII. No longer online. Ref:

Magical Experiments. Dates? Hosted by [Person?]. Part of the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel. — might also be separate now?

The Maiden, Mother, and Crone. 2015-2018. Hosted by Green Egg staff. Part of the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel.

Main Street Universe. 2011-2017. Hosted by Daniel Michael, Genise R. White and Brett Hillman / Kevin Baird, Jesse Ann Nichols George, Susun Weed, Queen Mother Imakhu, Darren BuCare, Randy Goldberg.

Manifest This! 2018. Hosted by Ashley Wood.

Me & Paranormal You. 2014-2018. Hosted by Ryan Singer.

Medicine Stories. 2017-2018. Hosted by Amber Magnolia Hill.

Millennial Pagan PodCast. 2018. Hosted by Autumn and Jera.

Missing Witches. 2018. Hosted by Risa Dickens and Amy Torok.

Modern Mystic Podcast. 2015. Hosted by Paige Zaferiou and Amelia Quint.

Modern Mystics Podcast. 2015-2018. Hosted by Tracy James.

Modern Witch. 2010-2017. Hosted by Devin Hunter.

Moonshine. [?]-2016. Hosted by Tegan Lleuad.

Moonwise. 1993-2018. Hosted by Merrylin Leblanc.

Move into the Magic. 2011-2017. Hosted by Maxine Taylor.

Music from the Goddess’ Vault. 2015-2018. Hosted by Midnight Starr.

Musica Pagani. [Dates?] Hosted by RevKess. Part of the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel

Mystic Podcast. 2017. Hosted by Brontë Mansfield.

*Mystical Living. [Dates?] Hosted by Barbara Graver. No longer online. Ref:

Mystery School. 2018. Hosted by Maggy Whitehouse.

New World Witchery. 2010-2018. Hosted by Cory and Laine.

New York Pagan. 2013. Hosted by [Lovely People].

Occult of Personality. 2006-2018. Hosted by Greg Kaminsky.

Occult Power Hour. 2018. Hosted by Jeanette & Jillian.

Occult Sentinel. 2008-2016. Hosted by Joe Moore.

Occulture. 2017-2018. Hosted by Ryan Peverly.

Old Style Conjure. 2010-2017. Hosted by Momma Starr Casas and the conjure crew.

On Sacred Ground. 2014-2016. Hosted by Chiron Armand. Part of the MISC on LMC Radio Network. /

*On the Blackchair. 2016-2017. Hosted by Karagan Griffith. No longer online except for 2 archived episodes. Ref:

Owl Tree. 2017[?]-2018. Hosted by [?].

P40 Podcast. 2014-2018. Hosted by Sherene Vismaya Schostak.

*Pagan Bed Time Stories. [Dates?] Hosted by Lamyka. No longer online. Ref:

Pagan Centered Podcast. [date?]-2013. Hosted by PCP Bloggers.

Pagan Chaos Magic. 2008-2014. Hosted by Ki’a Dragon.
*Pagan Flavored Popsicle. 2010. Hosted by Amber. No longer online[?]. Ref:

Pagan Gumbo Podcast. 2017. Hosted by Rev. James “Seamus” Dillard, Forest Nui Cobalt, Rev. Michael J Dangler.

A Pagan Heart in Maine. 2007-2013. Hosted by Greywolf.

The Pagan Homesteader. 2007[?]-2016. Hosted by Rianna Stone.

*Pagan Hooligans. [Dates?] Hosted by ?. No longer online. Ref: /

Pagan-Musings Podcast. [Dates?] Hosted by RevKess and KaliSara. Part of the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel

Pagan Parents on the Edge! 2015-2016. Hosted by Fox and Arrowind.

*The Pagan Rapport. 2011-2012. Hosted by SilverShadow. No longer online. Ref:

Pagan Spirituality Today. 2008-2016. Hosted by Kveldrida.

*A Pagan in the Threshold. 2009-2013. Hosted by Meadow Moon. No longer online. Ref:

Pagan Weekly News. [Dates?] Hosted by RevKess and KaliSara. Part of the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel

*Pagan Women’s Podcast. [Dates?] Hosted by Lamyka. No longer online. Ref:

*PaganFM. 2008-2018. Hosted by Deirdre Hebert. No longer online. Ref: /

Pagans Tonight Radio Network. 2009-2018. Shows and hosts include: Lunatic Mondays hosted by Laura Gonzalez; Nature Folk hosted by Selena Fox; Circle Talk hosted by Selena Fox, David & Jeanet Ewing, Debra Rose; All Acts Of Love And Pleasure hosted by ?; Raise The Horns Radio hosted by ?; Petals and Potions/Pammit’s Porch hosted by ?; Tree of Life/This Wyrd Road hosted by ?; Pagans Shine hosted by Rev. Mike Neal; Correllian Family Hour/Correllian Power Hour hosted by Rev. Donald Lewis and Rev. Lori B.; Voces Paganas hosted by ?; Walking The Unnamed Path hosted by ?.

*Part the Mist Podcast. 2016-2017. Hosted by Arin and Jonathan. No longer online. Ref: /

Pennies in the Well. 2010-2017. Hosted by Saturn Darkhope.

PDX Witch Guild. 2017. Hosted by Alex, Esme, and Mary.

Pop Tarot Podcast. 2017. Hosted by Bella P.

The Priestesses. 2016-2018. Hosted by Aimee, Amanda, and Jacob.

The Queer Witch Podcast. 2018. Hosted by Anna Joy.

Rainbow Psychics Radio. [?]-2014. Hosted by [Various People?].

*Ravencast: The Asatru Podcast. 2006-2007. Hosted by Dave and Sandi Carron. No longer online. Ref:

The Reading Room. 2010-2012. Hosted by Dr. Robert Pease.

Reaching for the Moon. 2013-2018. Hosted by The Everglades Moon Local Council of the Covenant of the Goddess.

Resting Witch Face. 2017-2018. Hosted by Grant Jacoby and Bailey Bennett.

Rise Up! Good Witch. 2018. Hosted by Corinna Rosella.

Rising Women Leaders. 2015-2018. Hosted by Meredith Rom.

Root Lock Radio. 2017-2018. Hosted by Weston.

Rune Soup. 2015-2018. Hosted by Gordon White.

Sacred Oak Circle. [Dates?] Hosted by Rev. Gary. Part of the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel

Sacred Feminine Radio. 2009-2018. Hosted by Dr. Rev. Karen Tate.

Sacred Radicals Podcast. 2017-2018. Hosted by Eris and Mara.

*The Satyr’s Thicket. 2009-2011. Hosted by Nicholas Farrell. Episodes no longer available online.

Scroll of Thoth. 2013-2017. Hosted by James L. Wilber, and Colleen Kelly.

Season of the Witch. 2016. Hosted by Feather and LeFay.

The Secrets in Plain Sight. 2006-2018. Hosted by [?].

Seeking Bliss Radio. 2013-2017. Some shows and hosts: Kitchen Table Mystic hosted by Mary Petiet; Goddess Alive Radio hosted by Kimberly Moore [now it’s own show]; Hungry Goddess Eats Radio hosted by Sara Teixido and Kimbery Moore; Cosmic Connections hosted by Louis Edington.

Selections From the Mess / Murphy’s Magic Mess. 1994-2018. Hosted by Nadine Murphy and Phil Kessler. / Selections is an edited version of the radio show and is part of the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel

Self Service with Jerico Mandybur. 2018. Hosted by Jerico Mandybur.

The Serpent Cast. 2018. Hosted by Sophie Saint Thomas and Annabel Gat.

*Shadowdance Podcast. [Dates?] Hosted by Michele Belanger and Chris Miller. No longer online. Ref:

SHEathenry. 2017. Hosted by Alvilldr and Lauren.

*Shhh! There Are Pagans in Texas!! 2010-2011. Hosted by Renny and Rose. No longer online. Ref:

So You Wanna Be a Witch. 2017-2018. Hosted by Sarah M. Chappell.

Soul Doctor Show. 2016-2018. Hosted by Rebecca Dettman.

The Soul Tribe Podcast. 2018. Hosted by Prem Kaur and Kimberly Tsan.

Sovereign Society Podcast. 2016-2018. Hosted by Sabrina Riccio.

The Spiral Dance with Hawthorne. 2018. Hosted by Hawthorne.

Spirit of Life. 2010. Hosted by Cliff and Alex Stornel.

*SpiritsCast. 2010. Hosted by Feithline Stuart. No longer online. Ref:

The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast. 2016-2018. Hosted by Ross Cessna.

Spiritual Unity Radio Network. 2014-2018. Shows include: Visions of the Past hosted by William Brigley; Lord Terry’s Power Hour hosted by Rev. Terry Power; The Soapbox Witch hosted by Rev. Onyx; Under a Shady Tree hosted by Rev. Terry Power and Rev. Onyx; Spiritual Wellness and Physical Health hosted by Robin A. McKean and Lisa Riepl; LCO on BTR hosted by Rev. Onyx; Sacred Divergence Radio hosted by Rev. Elizabeth Hamilton.

Spoon of Consciousness. 2017-2018. Hosted by Sachin Sharma.

*Standing Stone & Garden Gate. [Dates?] Hosted by Bendan Meyers and Juniper Jeni Birch. No longer online. Ref:

Stirring the Cauldron. 2013-2018. Hosted by Maria Brooks.

Sunday School at Modern Mystics Shop. 2018. Hosted by staff at the shop.

Synchronicity. [?]-2018. Hosted by Marie Benard.

Talking Shop. 2015-2018. Hosted by Theresa Reed and Briana Saussy.

Tarot Bytes. 2016-2018. Hosted by Theresa Reed.

Tarot for the Wild Soul. 2017-2018. Hosted by Lindsay Mack.

Tarot Talk. 2009. Hosted by Raven Mardirosian and Georgianna Boehnke.

Tarot to Go Radio aka Tarot Pathways. 2006-2011. Hosted by Anastasia Haysler, Rose Red, Andrew, and Artemis J.

*Texan Heretics. 2011-2015. Hosted by Franchesca Aurora Moonshadow and Dagon Darkwater. No longer online. Ref:

Thelema Coast to Coast. 2005-2007. Hosted by John L. Crow.

This Week in Heresy. 2014-2016. Hosted by Rev. Gina A. Pond.

*Toil and Trouble. 2009. Hosted by Petra Taneth. No longer online. Ref:

Tommie Kelly Podcast. 2017-2018. Hosted by Tommie Kelly.

*Triune. 2010. Hosted by Sheila Applegate and Meagan O’Nan. No longer online. Ref:

The Troth. 2008-2018. Hosted by John Hyatt.

*Twilight Path Podcast. [Dates?] Hosted by Michele Belanger. No longer online. Ref:

Two Bad Pagans. 2014-2018. Hosted by Lindsay Mead and Nicholas Smith.

Ultraculture. 2013-2018. Hosted by Jason Louv.

The Unnamed Path. 2007-2014. Hosted by Eddy “Hyperion” Gutiérrez.

Upon a Pagan Path. 2013-2018. Hosted by Tommy Elf.

*Valley Witches. 2009[?] Hosted by [Lovely Person]? No longer online. Ref: / [PROMO]

Vampires, Witches, and Geeks. 2008-2014. Hosted by Morven Westfield.

Walking the Unnamed Path. 2016- 2018. Hosted by Mathew Sydney and Michael Greywolf.

The Way of the Desert. 2009-2017. Hosted by Don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

West Coast Witchery. 2012. Hosted by Dade Knight. **Never actually put out an episode?

What If? 2016. Hosted by Theresa Reed and Wald Amberstone.

*What the Animals Tell Me. [?]-2017. Hosted by Flash Silvermoon. No longer online. Ref: /

What the Flux. 2017-2018. Hosted by Cris Ashburn & Joey Morris.

What We’re Thinking About. 2009-2011. Hosted by Ken Ludwig.

Which Witch Is Witch. 2016-2018. Hosted by Regina Flath and Derrick Sanskrit.

Why Shamanism Now? 2010-2018. Hosted by Christina Pratt.

The Wiccan Read-Along Podcast. 2016-2017. Hosted by Phoenix the Reader. / Dropbox archive provided by Host:

The Wigglian Way. 2007-2018. Hosted by Mojo and Sparrow.

Wild Mystic Woman. 2016-2018. Hosted by Layla Saad.

The Witch Bitch Amateur Hour. 2018. Hosted by Charlye Michelle and Macy Frazier.

Witch in the City. 2007[?]. Hosted by Serenity Edward. No longer online, except for one:

*The Witch in the Valley. [?]-2016. Hosted by Linda Ursin. No longer online. Ref:

The Witch, the Priestess, and the Cauldron. [Date?]-2018. Hosted by Elvyra Love and Phoenix LeFae. Part of the MISC on LMC Radio Network.

The Witch Wave. 2018. Hosted by Pam Grossman.

Witch’s Brew-Ha-ha. 2010-2018. Hosted by Velma Nightshade.

A Witch’s Primer. [Dates?]. Hosted by Ariel Gatoga. No longer online. Archive provided by fan:

Witchcraftsy. 2017-2018. Hosted by Amy Lynn.

*Witchery of One. 2008-?. Hosted by Jay O’Skully[?]. No longer online. Ref: / Archived episode:–Episode1

Witches Betwixt. 2018. Hosted by Jay and Scott.

The Witches View. (sometime prior to)2012-2016. Hosted by Emy Jaymes and Essa Blue.

Witching Hour Podcast. 2017. Hosted by Joelle Brown.

WitchMix. 2009. Hosted by Mina.

Witchtalk. [?]-2012. Hosted by Karagan Griffith.

WitchTalk Radio. 2014-2015. Hosted by Kristin Lee.

Witchy Chick. 2013. Hosted by Serenity Alyanna Edward.

Woke and Wired. 2018. Hosted by Ksenia Avdulova.

*Womanspirit Rising. [?]-2017. Hosted by Flash Silvermoon. No longer online[?]. Ref: / One episode archived:

The Wytching Hour. 2016-2018. Hosted by Elle Shepard.

Your Own Magic. 2017-2018. Hosted by Raquelle Mantra.

Your Tarot Tribe: Beyond Worlds. 2009-2014. Hosted by Donnaleigh.

The Zaracon Show. 2009?-2012?. Hosted by Zaracon. Part of the Pagan-Musings Podcast Channel / Previously the Hicwitch Podcast.

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