Fanfic Recs


I mostly read slash (m/m) fanfics, but occasionally I’ll read f/f or het. My fanfic recs reflect my reading preferences (duh).

What to expect: complete stories, heavy on the romance and fluff, happy endings, AUs and tropes which lead to happy endings.

Things I like or have liked in the past that you may find iffy: alpha/beta/omega dynamics, some BDSM, OT3/poly ships, incest, age difference, murder husbands, real person fiction (RPF).

What not to expect: rape/non-con (except perhaps “prior to the story” if it’s a “healing through romance” kinda story), very sad endings where everybody dies. I nearly put “heavy violence,” but then I remembered Hannibal.

Favorite Tropes(/Genres): a/b/o Dynamics / Alternate Universe (AU) — Bakery AU, Coffee Shop AU, Mafia AU / Animals (turned into, always were) / BDSM / Crossover / De-Aging / First Time / Hurt-Comfort / Marriage (/Relationship) — Arranged, Pretend / Reincarnation / Royalty / Sharing a Bed / Snowed In / Soulmates / Time Travel

I generally count something as AU if the setting is significantly changed from the original. HP fics set in 8th year are not technically AU (to me), unless all the characters were ALSO cats, or something.

Special note re:broken links: I make sure to download copies (usually epub) of every fanfic I recommend. If a link gets broken, I am willing to send copies of those fanfics for reading ONLY (not reposting). [ty to Isabelle]

Because I’m trying to make this easy on myself or else I’ll never do it, I’ve only included the title, author, and pairing for the rec lists. Each thing I link to has available warnings, ratings, and summaries on the so be sure to check if you squick easily about something.


Angel: The Series / The Avengers / The Breakfast Club / Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Captain America / Check, Please! / Daredevil / The Dresden Files / Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them / Good Omens / Grimm / Hannibal / Harry Potter / Hikaru no Go / The Hobbit / House M.D. / Jeeves & Wooster / Jurassic Park / Kingsman / Kiss Kiss Bang Bang / Lord Peter Wimsey / The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (all versions) / Merlin / My Hero Academia / Naruto / Sherlock Holmes (all versions) / Smallville / Star Trek (all versions) / Star Wars (all movies) / Suits / Supernatural / Thor / Venom / Welcome to Night Vale / White Collar / X-Men (all versions) / Yuri!!! On Ice