some mastodon impressions

After 1 week or so of using Mastodon:

♥ Mastodon is like mIRC chat rooms + early Twitter + Tumblr shitposting. Which chat room you’re in determines your local community, but you can see the other chat rooms and engage with them as well.

♥ Which instance you make your “home” on really does inform your experience of the platform. Double-check the instance’s rules, look at some recent toots from its users, etc. to make sure it’s somewhere you want to be. My home instance ( is small and cozy and full of nice people who don’t just toot memes all day. If I had joined a larger instance, or one that had the wrong style/feel, I’d have given up on Mastodon a lot faster.

♥ Mastodon is not immune to the icky side of the internet. I’ve run into several toots on the Federated timeline that make my skin crawl; several instances themselves are set up to cater to purity wank/troll culture users; people have been harassed off an instance before. Mob mentality is alive and well, unfortunately.

♥ It is a LITTLE easier to manage which toots/instances show up on my timelines. I have blocked several users and at least two entire instances from showing up. Yay!

♥ Searching for specific topics is difficult because it’s dependent on hashtags, which people have gotten out of the habit of using when Twitter/Tumblr switched to including in-text searching. I keep forgetting to tag my OWN stuff as well.

♥ One of my instance friends suggested this site for finding people who toot about specific topics:

♥ Smaller user base = less activity overall = less to read and engage in. Tumblr/Instagram/Twitter have gotten me used to constantly refreshing and finding new activity, which then kept me wanting to refresh and find MORE, and continue the cycle, etc. It’s deliberately designed to keep me on the app longer. Mastodon timelines are strictly chronological, so if nobody’s tooting since the last time I checked, then nothing’s there to see. This was seriously frustrating to me until I realized that it could actually be a GOOD thing– no more obsessively refreshing my feed means more time for other things, like reading fanfic/playing games/etc.

♥ The shitposting makes me feel about 3 million years old. I understand the appeal, but it doesn’t entertain me.

♥ There’s a “content warning” thing you can stick over toots, which is great! Some people use it for jokes, some use it seriously, and others use it as a kind of cut tag on longer toots. It’s a unique element to the system that I like.

♥ “Toots” make me think of farts.

♥ The lack of advertising is SO NICE. Once ads show up on a thing, the feeling completely changes. Twitter before ads was better. LiveJournal before ads was better. Instagram was better before they started putting ads everywhere. I like not having ads in my face all the time. At the same time, I understand that ads bring in money which can be necessary to keep a site/instance going, particularly if the userbase is low on funds or the site isn’t willing to do fundraisers. Still, I appreciate not being sold to every five seconds.

♥ After using Mastodon for a week, I feel less inclined to use Twitter. Partly because of the ads, partly because I can only focus on so many social media sites at a time.

♥ I would love it if more of my Dreamwidth friends gave Mastodon a try, if only so I’ll have more people to talk to. ๐Ÿ˜‰ is closed to new users for the moment, as the membership has skyrocketed and the admin needs time to adjust, but I have an invite link you can use if you’d like to try that instance out:

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Rec: Literacy by thehoyden

Literacy by thehoyden [2010-01-05]
— Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Julian Bashir/Elim Garak, 5.5k, Mature, no warnings.
— “You want me to read to you?” Julian repeated, somewhat taken aback.

Read on AO3 | Listen to the podfic

A sweet little fic about semi-accidental seduction by literature. One of the nicest things about most Bashir/Garak fics I’ve read is they get really invested in the cultural differences between the two characters, and a lot of the relationship development is through the navigation thereof. This one does the same, through the lens of popular fiction/courtship! And linguistics jokes!

— FAQ & Index: Fanfic Recs

Rec: Away Childish Things by lettered

Away Childish Things by lettered [completed 2018-11-07]
— Harry Potter: Harry/Draco, 153k, Teen+, warnings: past child abuse, homophobia.
— Harry gets de-aged. Malfoy has to help him.

Read on AO3

I am a HUGE SUCKER for stories where Draco and Harry figure out Hard Truths Together and also do nice things for each other despite wanting to be snippy. Kid!Harry broke my damn heart, and grownup!Draco was so sweet. I’ve already read this fic TWICE and I’ll probably reread it several more times in the future.

— FAQ & Index: Fanfic Recs

Rec: Hermione Granger’s Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run by waspabi

Hermione Granger’s Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run by waspabi [2017-05-21]
— Harry Potter: Harry/Draco, 94k, Teen+, no warnings.
— ‘You’re a wizard, Harry’ is easier to hear from a half-giant when you’re eleven, rather than from some kids on a tube platform when you’re seventeen and late for work.

Read on AO3 | Listen to the soundtrack

Harry Potter AU where Harry never goes to Hogwarts but still gets to make friends and kick ass. Featuring POC!Harry and POC!Hermione, plus hot Neville. I’m always interested in AUs which present a slightly different version of the characters we know, because of how the different plot has changed them, while also balancing their core characterization. This fic does a good job of that– Harry is angrier and less trusting because he never got to go to Hogwarts as a child, etc.

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helpful links for fen moving from tumblr

— Originally posted on my Dreamwidth, crossposted here for safe-keeping. —

Making this partly for myself so I can keep track of things as I move over to DW; if you find this useful, please share with friends and/or leave a comment! ๐Ÿ™‚

Updated: December 12, 2018. New links have this * in front

How to Dreamwidth
Basic Dreamwidth for Tumblr users by staranise. How to navigate DW, find friends, privacy controls, comments.
Building your circle by dreamwidth-help @ Tumblr. How to find friends (/followers) through searching interests, friending memes, communities.
*Dreamwidth Tips and Tricks! by sylvaine. Lots of great stuff, including how to do tiered tagging.
how to dreamwidth: commenting options by farfromdaylight @ Tumblr. How to moderate comments, ban users, screen comments, comment notifications, etc.
how to dreamwidth: a primer by farfromdaylight @ Tumblr. Expansive guide on using DW, including tags, markdown formatting, and making your layout mobile-friendly.
How to filter out tags by kore. Must have a paid account, but this is one way to filter out un-wanted tags/topics on your reading list.
How To Make Discussion Happen On DW by melannen. Tips for encouraging comments on your posts.
HTML markup and Dreamwidth-specific markup tags. Basic coding for posts, plus DW-specific codes (like cut tags!).
*Image hosting – mediafire by mific>. An alternative to using DW’s more limited image hosting option.
More DW-related rambling by laylainalaska @ Tumblr. Differences between discovering new content, finding new friends, and discussion preferences on Tumblr vs. DW.
The Recipe, Or What you don’t know about LJ/DW by siderea. Figuring out a schedule of post topics to keep readers interested and commenting.
A Tumblr Userโ€™s Guide to Dreamwidth by aniamra @ Tumblr. DW etiquette, plus info on access filters, paid accounts, tags, reblogging, & more.
Welcome Back to Social Journaling by siderea. The importance of making an effort in communication/socializing on DW. Plus using filters, tracking, and managing your reading page.
Welcome to Dreamwidth, Tumblr folks! by denise. A nice intro (and welcome) to DW from one of the creators/owners.
10 pages of comments, sifted through by honigfrosch. An organized collection of links from stuff people talked about in the above post.
Workaround for scheduling posts on DW by miome. No queue, no problem. Schedule posts using emails!

Moving from Tumblr/Recreating Tumblr
Backing up your Tumblr by seperis. With Python, on Windows.
Fandom platform of the future by pearwaldorf @ Tumblr. Discussion of a what would be in a desired fan-run Tumblr-style website.
Differences/same stuff between DW and LJ/Tumblr by seperis. This might be in the wrong section.

Fandom Meta/History/Discussion
greywash: “My point, here, is just that we have been here before. Exactly here. We have done this before, exactly this. Tumblr may take a while to bleed out, and they may try to triage it, but the writing is, in fact, on the wall: Tumblr will throw us off whatever cliffs they need to to try and eke out a profit for the morons in Verizon’s boardroom; and in the end, our data’s going to get deleted, or it’s going to get sold, because that is just how these things go.

So we need to figure out where we go next.”

seperis: “Fandom does not and never has adapted to what we were given; we weren’t ever given a goddamn thing. We take what we like and make it work the way we want it to. Yeah, the transition period can be rough and very often sucks, but eventually, we’re going to get to a place where we holoprogram our fic and try to work out how to comment on our experience in someone’s holofic which will probably redefine TMI.”

dreamwidthlayouts – edited and fancy versions of the standard DW layouts.
fandom-icons – multifandom, something for everyone.
icons – non-fandom specific icons, still a good resource.

Fandom Communities
Another post about getting set up at Dreamwidth by dwarfvania @ Tumblr. Community recommendations for fen moving to DW.
fancake – multifandom fanwork reccomendations.
fandomcalendar – a list of fandom-centric events (big bangs, fanart contests, etc.).
fandom_on_dw – “Consider this a free promotion space for your fan opportunities, as well as a place to connect to create new opportunities, all here on Dreamwith. If you’re running an event or community here on Dreamwidth, or would like to find interest for one, just tell us all about it.”
Fannish comm directory by jainas. Includes a little something for everyone: general fandom, specific fandoms, fandom meta, writing comms, etc. Some comms seem to be inactive, so now’s a great time to get in there and wake them up!
fictional_fans – “Did you make some great fandom content? Did you find some great fandom content? You should share it here! Do you have a question for fandom or need help about something fandom related? You should ask (and answer) here!”
Masterlist of Masterlists of Communities on Dreamwidth by old-man-of-hoy. What it says on the tin!
post_tumblr_fandom – discussion on fandom movement/hubspace after Tumblr.
snowflake_challenge – “Welcome to The Fandom Snowflake Challenge, an annual event to highlight the best parts of Fandom and the people who make it that way. It’s a celebration about all of us and all the creative things we do, all the ways we touch each other and make a difference.”

Friending Memes/Communities
addme – non-fandom friending comm, works the same as the fandom one.
addme-fandom – general multi-fandom friending comm. Post a bio, make new friends!
the-great-tumblr-purge – Tumblr users moving to DW.
Return of the No-Frills Multifandom Friending Meme by snickfic. Post a comment using the “about me” form and find new friends!
*sherlock fandom friending meme hosted by yaycoffee.