Hello! I’m tozka. I’m a 30-something librarian in California who really loves fanfiction. Pronouns: they/them.

I’ve been into various fandom pursuits since I was in elementary school (LARP Sailor Moon with my friends) and fanfic specifically since middle school. I’ve basically been a lurker the whole time, but a friendly one! And now I’m trying to delurk and actually, like, contribute stuff, which is partly why I’ve started up this journal.

Back in 2005-2010, I used to be active on LiveJournal. It was great! And then Strikethrough (and Boldthrough) happened, fandom moved away from LJ and Tumblr/Twitter became popular. Around this same time, I graduated college, went job-hunting, and then started grad school– and didn’t really have the energy for learning “new” social media sites. Luckily, by this point AO3 popped up, so at least I could find fanfic easily. I’ve only really been semi-active on Tumblr for like three years, but now it’s imploding, which sucks. Coincidentally, I’m graduating from grad school soon, and will have slightly more energy for actively fan-ning (as of December 2018), which lead me to a) start journaling regularly, b) start a fandom Twitter, and c) try out other social media sites. My goal? Make friends! Find new fandoms! Find new fanfic in old fandoms! Have discussions about books and movies and fandom history! etc. etc.

I’m multi-fandom and multi-shipping, and tend to rotate through different “current” fandoms every six-eight months. Here is a non-exhaustive list of fandoms I’ve enjoyed being in over the last twenty years. I’m counting “being in” as “having deliberately sought out fanfic.” Current (as of December 2018) fandoms are bolded. I’m counting “current” as “actively looking for new fanfic to read.”

Please note that I read: slash (m/m), femslash (f/f), and gen!

Ace Attorney, An American Werewolf in London/Paris, Angel: The Series, Astreiant, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Captain America (MCU), Check Please!, Community, Daredevil (Netflix), The Dark is Rising (books), DCU Comics, Dead Zone, The Devil Wears Prada, Doctor Who, Dragonball Z, The Dresden Files, The Faculty, Fantastic Beasts, God Eaters, Good Omens, Grantchester, Grimm, Gundam Wing, Hannibal, Harry Potter, Hikaru no Go, The Hobbit, Hornblower, House M.D., Initial D, Inu-Yasha, Jeeves & Wooster, Jurassic Park III, Kingsman, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Leverage, Lord Peter Wimsey, Man from UNCLE, Merlin (BBC), My Hero Academia, Naruto, NCIS, Nightrunner (books), Person of Interest, Pet Shop of Horrors, Pirates of the Caribbean, Queer as Folk (UK), Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, The Secret Garden, Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes, Smallville, Star Trek (TOS, AOS, DS9), Star Wars, Static Shock, Suits, Supernatural, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Temeraire, Thor (MCU), Transformers, Trigun, Venom, Welcome to Night Vale, White Collar, The Witcher, Yu Yu Hakusho, Yuri!!! On Ice, X-Men (movies & comics).

I’m sure I’m missing some anime fandoms in there. Hm.

— Originally posted December 4, 2018 @ Dreamwidth.org.