A Woman-Run Star Wars Fandom

“The fanfic side of fandom has ALWAYS been woman-dominated,” you’ll say to me and that’s correct. But Prequels fandom in the early 2000s was unique in that it wasn’t just the transformative corners of fandom where women made up most of the participants. As I pointed out above, the curative side of fandom (the one responsible for gathering, curating and cataloguing canon info), which is usually male-dominated, was primarily the domain of women as well, as far as the Prequels were concerned. The ‘Fashion in a Galaxy Far. Far Away’ sites, responsible for cataloguing every outfit in the films, were ran and populated largely by women and girls. The Royal Handmaiden Society catalogued every appearance of every handmaiden in the PT, along with her name and background in an effort as impressive as that of other super-fans who can identify and name background characters that appear for only a moment in front of the camera. I was in on the work as well and spent dozens of hours drafting backstories for the handmaidens.

Source: THE PREQUEL TRILOGY IN THE 2000s — A WOMAN-RUN STAR WARS FANDOM by rhodanum (January 9, 2019)

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