11 Explicit Symbrock Fanfic Recommendations

Hello, and welcome to doctorsidrat’s Very Dirty Symbrock Fanfic Recs List!

All of these fics are Eddie/Venom, rated EXPLICIT (18+), and most of them feature some kind of tentacle situation, let’s be real. Some of these are comics-verse, most are movie-verse. Check the warnings on any fic before you start reading, as always.

Nice to Taste by xzombiexkittenx, Explicit, 5K.

Eddie doesn’t do well when he thinks the symbiote died in the fire.

He doesn’t tell Dan that suicide is the reason he’s in this mess in the first place. He didn’t go to the Golden Gate Bridge to throw Anne’s engagement ring into the water, he went there to throw himself but got distracted by Dr. Skirth’s messages and justice against Drake instead.

Better than Intestinal Roundworms by saltslimes, Explicit, 1.8k.

In the range of parasites to have, Venom is better than most. Or, he cares more, at least. And he’s definitely better company.

Milkyway by Guardian, Explicit, 8.5k.

“Is my chest really… bigger?” Eddie wondered. He couldn’t really tell. Now that he thought about it, there seemed to be more heft there, but it could be his imagination. But the increased sensitivity, that wasn’t just his imagination. It almost hurt, but as soon as he had that thought, his beloved pushed against his chest, kneading him just right to ease away that painful ache.

Yes. Bigger, it confirmed. Softer, too.

“Ugh,” Eddie groaned, covering his face with his arm. He’d probably gained some baby weight, between the hormones and the increase in appetite. He had no doubt he’d be able to melt it off again, but it was still a little embarrassing.

Not embarrassing, his lover objected, nudging at the soft extra bits of flesh padding his hips, his belly, and his pecs. Beautiful, Eddie.

Between a Man and His Parasite by littlesystems, Explicit, 3k.

This might as well happen, right? Get possessed by an alien parasite, save the world, get fucked by an alien parasite… it’s all in the same vein. It’s not like this is any more fucked up than the rest of it.

Withdrawal by dragongummy, Explicit, 6k.

Eddie tries to convince himself that it is something they don’t want or need. He fails.

Break the Silence by redredribbons, Explicit, 2k.

Now that they’re back together again, Eddie and the Symbiote are eager to re-kindle their bond and make up for lost time. Set shortly after “Homecoming”.

You Don’t Have To Say It by Catchclaw , Explicit, 2k.

If there’s one thing Eddie’s learned about Venom these past few months, it’s that the thing is a jealous bitch. As for what Venom’s learned about him, well–

the cat that got the canary by writingramblr, Explicit, 1k.

Eddie didn’t think too far ahead, but luckily the buildup of stress that’s been going on since he last saw Anne doesn’t end with Venom chomping heads off.

His home life just takes a bit of a turn that he didn’t expect…

Miscommunication by Splinter, Explicit, 3k.

Once they’d accepted their cohabitation of Eddie’s body, it hadn’t taken much longer to start thinking about what they could do with it.

Even though they’re in each other’s heads, Eddie and Venom can still misread each other. Sex goes wrong, and they have to find a solution.

Vessel by linguamortua, Explicit, 2.6k.

When Venom was quiet, and when he wasn’t shooting giant fucking tentacles out of Eddie’s body, Eddie couldn’t much feel his presence. Occasionally there was a flicker of something: of anger, of hunger. Right now there was nothing. So maybe Eddie had pissed him off. Or—and this was a thought that Eddie had not had before—perhaps he had hurt Venom’s feelings. He lay there, staring at the ceiling and listening to the couple banging next door. She was making a lot of noise. The blood came up his neck and face a little. And then a little more, now he knew that Venom would be able to feel it too.

Kiss the skin that crawls from you by dezemberzarin, Explicit, 3k.

What’s the point?

Eddie glances around to the other people hurrying along the sidewalk, lowers his voice until he’s muttering into the collar of his jacket. “I like sex! I want to have sex again in the future, so you’ll have to find a way to deal with it.”

If you say so.

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